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The Second Annual Global Business Forum on Latin America will take place on 27-28th February 2018

Shifting Synergies

November 9th - 10th 2016, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Thursday, 10th November - Day Two

  • 09.00
    Yesterday and Today – In Brief

    The morning will commence with a summary of memorable points from the first day’s sessions and an overview of the second day.

    Confirmed speaker(s): 
  • 09.15

    Rethinking Trade Ties 

    Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have joined forces in the Pacific Alliance to deepen economic integration among themselves and encourage a more radical opening to global trade, investment, capital and labour flows with Asia-Pacific and North America. We discuss the opportunities this opens up for business between these countries and the GCC.

    Confirmed speaker(s): 
  • 10.15
    Accelerating Diversification - The Power Of Zones

    Commodity exporters in both Latin America and the GCC are aiming to move beyond their dependence on natural resources. In Dubai, free economic zones have proven very successful in reaching this goal, now contributing 75% of the emirate’s exports and 25% of its GDP. In this session, we take a closer look at the role zones can play within a diversified economy.

    Confirmed speaker(s): 
    • H.E. Hamad BuamimPresident & CEO, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, UAE
    • Nasser Al MadaniBoard Member, World Free Zones Organization & Assistant Director General, Dubai Airport Free Zone, UAE
    • Paul GriffithsChief Executive Officer, Dubai Airports, UAE


      Rebecca McLaughlin, Print and Broadcast Journalist, RMD Media – UAE

  • 11.45
    Understanding the Potential ­of Halal – Opportunities in the Islamic Economy

    The global Islamic economy could be worth $7 trillion by 2020 – with more than a third of that amount accounted for by halal food and lifestyle. That explains Latin American interest in halal certification and GCC investors’ interest in Latin American food companies. We explore the growing ties with Latin America and the role Dubai can play in helping develop halal opportunities.

    Confirmed speaker(s): 
  • 12.30
    Networking Lunch
  • 14.00
    In Conversation with Vicente Fox Quesada - Mexico in the Global Economy

    Mexico’s economy has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past two decades, as trade and investment relations with North America see phenomenal growth. Now the country is driving a new era of global trade liberalization through the Pacific Alliance. Former President Vicente Fox Quesada explores the future for Mexico and Latin America as global synergies shift.

    Confirmed speaker(s): 
  • 14.30

    Capitalising on the Youth Potential

    Mexican entrepreneur Xavier López Ancona has successfully harnessed the demand for educational entertainment for children into the Kidzania concept, where kids get to play at working in adult jobs in child-scale cities. From Mexico, the theme park franchise has spread to cities throughout the world, including Dubai and, soon, Doha. In this session he explores the potential for building greater synergies between companies in the GCC and Latin America, focusing on the tourism industry.

    Confirmed speaker(s): 
  • 15.00

    Opportunities at a Time of Crisis

    Brazil is facing a perfect storm of challenges, but the accompanying recession has encouraged an opening towards private sector financing and a search for new global partners.  We explore the opportunities this is opening up.

    Confirmed speaker(s): 
  • 16.00
    Key Findings

    Summing up the inaugural Global Business Forum on Latin America




    • John Yearwood, Executive Board Chairman, International Press Institute, USA
  • 16.15
    End of GBF Latin America 2016