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The Second Annual Global Business Forum on Latin America will take place on 27-28th February 2018


Leonardo Letelier
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
SITAWI Finance for Good

Speaking: Day 2 - 15.30 - The Elder and the Entrepreneur – Revitalising Latin America

Leonardo Letelier started SITAWI Finance for Good (www.sitawi.net) in 2008, after several years at McKinsey and Ashoka.  Through its Social Finance program, SITAWI creates and operates solutions for social and environmental impact in Brazil, such as Donor Advised Funds, financing and investment for Social Enterprises and it is currently structuring the first Social Impact Bond in Brazil. Its Sustainable Finance program supports investors to integrate Environment, Social and Governance criteria in their investment decisions and provides 2nd opinion for issuers of Green Bonds.

SITAWI has published reports on themes at the intersection of finance and social/environmental impact such as 'nonprofit mergers' and 'stranded carbon assets’. In 2011, SITAWI won the Inter-American Development Bank's beyondBanking award, as the best socially responsible investment.

Through a hybrid nonprofit/for profit model, SITAWI has placed over R$7 million for social impact in Brazil and supported organisations that impacted over 200,000 lives. It also advised institutions adding up to more than R$1 trillion in assets.

Leonardo holds an Industrial Engineer degree from the University of São Paulo and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His baby daughter Clara is his latest passion.