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The Second Annual Global Business Forum on Latin America will take place on 27-28th February 2018


H.E. Santiago Peña Palacios
Minister of Finance

Master of Public Administration at Columbia University, USA, and Economist graduated from the Catholic University of Asuncion.

In the academic environment, he worked as an Associate Professor of Financial Theory at the Catholic University of Asuncion (2004); and as a Full Professor of Economic Theory at the same University (2005). Likewise, he has published research works on monetary policy and finance.

In the professional field, he has begun working as an analyst at the Industrial Development Fund in 1999. Subsequently, he has worked as an economist at the Central Bank of Paraguay, since 2000 until 2009. During 2009, he was hired by the IMF and moved to Washington, D.C., USA, where he worked as an Economist in charge of countries from Africa until 2012. Afterwards, he was appointed Member of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Paraguay. Currently, he works as Minister of Finance since January 2015.