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The Second Annual Global Business Forum on Latin America will take place on 27-28th February 2018


Dr. Jaana Remes
McKinsey Global Institute

Speaking: Day 1 - 11.30 - Sector Insight - Urban Infrastructure

Dr. Jaana Remes is an economist and a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), McKinsey & Company's business and economics research arm, based in San Francisco.

Since 2003, Jaana has led MGI's research on productivity, urbanization, competitiveness, and growth. Her most recent research looks at global consumer groups that are shaping global demand, as well as global growth prospects in an era of demographic decline. Jaana leads MGI’s Urban World research series that includes shifting economic power of cities, the rising urban consuming class, and mapping of the global company landscape; as well as the patterns of urban growth and renewal across the Americas. Her long term research interests also include analyses of how different policies have contributed to industry competitiveness and growth; the impact of multinational companies on emerging economies; as well as in-depth assessments of the barriers to competitiveness and growth across a range of economies, including the US, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, UK, Finland, Sweden, and South Korea. She has led MGI's research on energy, with a focus on understanding the microeconomic underpinnings of global energy demand and the opportunity to reduce energy consumption through higher energy productivity.

Jaana has a Ph.D. on applied economies from Stanford University and an MSc degree in economics and philosophy from the University of Helsinki, Finland. She advises global business and government leaders on related topics and frequently contributes to policy debates through articles and conference presentations. She is a member of OECD’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Directorate’s advisory group; a nonresident senior fellow with the Strategic Foresight Initiative of the Atlantic Council; and serves on the Board of directors of Girl Scouts Heart of Central California.